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Strategies for Broadening Participation in the IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes

6,14 & 21 April Times in EDT, BST & UTC Your Desk!

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About the series

In this series of webinars, discover and uncover new tools and strategies for broadening participation in your school’s IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes. The below recordings and resources will help you to:

  • Further integrate the IB to your school's mission, values and curriculum requirements.
  • Support your school to strategically remove barriers that deter students from choosing DP or CP.
  • Identify ways to prepare students for the rigor of the IB and develop systems of support to empower positive experiences and outcomes.

Helpful resources

Webinar recordings

Enhancing the IB Student Experience

In this webinar, explore how diversifying IB subject choice at your school can create more accessibility and excitement for potential IB students.

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Marketing the IB to Students & Parents

In this webinar, learn how to answer #WhyIB for parents and students in your school community, explore new ways to highlight the DP & CP core, and walk away with a #WhyIB tip sheet.

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Advancing Equity in IB Programmes

In this webinar, discover how to truly make the #IB4ALL (IB for all) at your school through the IB’s equity initiatives. Plus hear from current IB World Schools that fully reflect diversity and academic excellent in their IB programme(s). Special emphasis will be put on IB language & literature courses and how to make them accessible to your entire school population.

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